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Colosseum audio video guide

Safety Alert

Please note that for safety reasons the Coliseum can accommodate up to 3.000 people at once. This could lead to delays in access to the site, even for pre-booked visitors.
For security reasons all visitors and their luggage shall be screened. To facilitate the security checks please insert any object (including mobile phone) in the bag/backpack or in the tray to be included in the X-ray.

Relive the magnificent history of the Colosseum and enhance your visit, with our iPod Touch audio-visual tour. Experience ancient Rome through audio narrations, 3D reconstructions, images and film clips that tell the story behind the scenes. An engaging tour for all ages. iPod Touch is supplied.

  • cost: € 6,00
  • duration: 50'
  • language: italian, english, spanish, french, spanish, german, japanese, russian, chinese, portuguese